FTX Fund at Shanghai BTS LABs Meetup

FTX Fund
2 min readJun 9, 2021


BTS LABs is a blockchain powered crypto-based project established in China under Chinese regulations. They are committed to providing services for the integrated marketing of blockchain overseas projects into the Chinese market. BTS LABs’ team members have good background from Samsung, Infosys, Tencent and BKEX and rich experiences in many other projects such as TerraCredtDAO, CPI and others. Considering BTS LABs’ expertise in Financing, Marketing&PR, Exchange Consultant and Trackers Boosting Services, we conceived Shangai event as prompt to showcase FTX Fund on Chinese market.

It was an opportunity for our team of leaders to stand with BTS LABs, a great Chinese blockchain market leader, to raise awareness about FTX Funds. Financial and Investment effective management are both of importance regarding the changes of financial conditions of anyone. FTX Funds seizes to give an overview of FTX Fund project to Chinese crypto users and alike.


We are sustaining a better ecosystem, which offers all potential keys to financial freedom by allowing all users to own a digital assets’ unit of real estate as focus. We will be providing a decentralised Exchange, an E-commerce network combined with an ATM.

FTX Funds token holder will be able to stake their FTXF tokens and earn more return on their investment. Such ways’ processing is a guarantee to ensure the project’s continuity on long terms for FTXF users or customers will pay FTXF’s service with our native tokens. Customers benefit reinforcement is assured.

We endeavours to bring new ways of understanding blockchain and real assets. Financial asset’s trading is relevant, consistent and subject to smooth growth. Our team of expert, tried to shade FTX Fund project on Chinese market.

The sixth from the left is the CEO, Paul Bichler, represented FTX Fund at the Summit

Thus, as blockchain based project, the reach of standard protocol corresponding to users’ needs are basically on of our goal. In this vain, our protocol is successfully audited by Haechi Audit. FTX Funds meets all protocol and comply with standard’s requirement to sustain its activity.

So far, the common ground to all project in blockchain is coping with financial poverty. Shanghai event allows to navigate this aspect and how blockchain technology are susceptible to provide security and credibility.

In fact, the financial industry is subjected to banking regulations congested by government. Blockchain is frictionless system which give anyone the opportunity to make any decision that is convenient to his desires. The true freedom is found in decentralised system and FTX Fund will be drawing a bright path to users to come across that change.



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