FTX Fund Exchange to Launch 100-Million-Token IPO

FTX Fund
3 min readMar 15, 2021

Multi-functional crypto exchange FTX Fund has recently announced its plan to file to become a publicly-traded platform. An initial public offering (IPO) has been registered to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

The FTXFund Decentralized Exchange has also undergone the process of completing its application for an audit license issued by Chainsulting. Chainsulting is a German auditing company, which is also among the world’s Top 5 license providers.

In order to secure a license from Chainsulting, FTXFund must pass a rigorous testing process, including:

· Certificate of Compliance

· Full Report & Recommendations

· Automated Vulnerability Tests (Mythril, Slither, Oyente, MythX, Solhint, HoneyBadger, etc.)

· Manual Security Tests (SWC-Registry, Overflow, etc.)

· Coding Conventions Tests

· Function and Logic Tests

The FTXF Token

FTX Fund’s initial public offering (IPO) will list 100,000,000 FTXF Tokens (which will be simply called “FTXF tokens” or “Tokens). The FTXF Token is based on the BEP 20 standard and equates to one USDT in value.

Each FTXF token will allow its holder to enjoy approximately 6–12% of monthly trading profits, withdrawable from $100 on a daily basis. All trading bonuses and affiliate withdrawals are calculated using USDT equivalences. Moreover, record-holders on our FTX Fund Exchange are entitled to up to 250% of the total results of trading in USDT. Please note that the bonuses on offer are promotional in nature and are not part of holders’ rights, by default, with the ownership of the FTXF Token.

The FTXF Token is a unit of exchange that holders can use to purchase services in the ecosystem. It can be used to buy and sell goods on twenty different exchanges worldwide and as payments in the business social network. Users can experience instant trading using the FTXFund ATMs, as the platform integrates smart magnetic card technology in payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard, and Unipay to make FTXF payments into fiat money in over 180 countries.

In the near future (2021 to 2025), the FTXF Token is going to serve as payments for around 1.5 trillion hotel systems and ticket booking of 400 different airlines around the world. This doubles the FTXF Token as a travel companion and expands its values beyond the initial offering.

About FTXFund

FTX Fund is founded by a team of independent experts in algorithmic and manual asset management methods, with excellent leadership, and a team of technicians with years of experience in research and development of blockchain security technology, artificial intelligence, financial transaction platform, and payment technology

The man behind the entire operation is Daniel Pearl, who has had twenty-six years of substantial operational experience working in the financial sector. He is incredibly well-versed in Blockchain technology, as he has been a specialist dealing with the matter for over four years, working with Blockchain, distributed ledger, and all-around familiar with the entire cryptocurrency industry. Daniel has taken up roles as both engineering and technological experts.