FTX Fund Staking Program is Live on 25th June, 2021

FTX Fund
3 min readJun 25, 2021


FXT fund staking program is one of the multiple passive income features that we have framed for our customers. You will be able to earn more of FTX Fund token while holding in our staking vault. We are delighted to come forward with the staking program before listing on potential crypto exchange market. Actually, we think better way to help our token holders to be more comfortable with us before the deployment of the principal features of the FTX Fund and listing on exchanges for trading purposes. So far, we are focusing on sustainable ecosystems: Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-Commerce, Business Social Network and International Payment Gateway. We intend to be the bridge to operate innovative blockchain systems with diverse. ecosystems. Owning to our optimized feature es, FTX Fund will power DeFi.

4 levels of APY based on locked staking time

What is staking?

Cryptocurrency staking refers to “locking up” a digital asset to act as a validator in a decentralized crypto network to ensure the integrity, security and the continuity of the network. As an incentive for helping to secure the network, stakers (validators) are rewarded with newly minted cryptocurrency. Staking program is introduced to bridge the traditional eternal banking system via proof of stake. Furthering, staking is a way to lower capital trading and impermanent loss risk on liquidity.

How does FTX Fund token staking work?

FTXF fund token staking will quick off at 10 AM (UK time) 25th July, 2021. We are purposely attracting the sold tokens into stacking on a range of 80% of the total sold during the public sale. Seamlessly to existing staking protocol, FTX Fund token holders are required to stake their FTX Fund token in our staking contract to earn more FTX Fund tokens. There is no other assumption on due while staking your FTX Fund. In the meantime before any changes after listing on exchanges, we have worked out a strategic staking rate for our users. Basically comprises 4 stages of stake. Here are the accurate staking rate (available in the staking option for our users):

- 180 days lock Yields 72% of your FTX Fund tokens in stake

- 360 days lock Yields 180% of your FTX Fund tokens in stake

- 540 days lock Yields 297% of your FTX Fund tokens in stake

- 720 days lock Yields 432% of your FTX Fund tokens in stake

You can stake and un-stake your FTX Fund token whenever you want to. Shortly, users will be able to transact FTX fund tokens on pancakeswap or add liquidity to share trading fee.

Get extra reward with referral program

We believe that, we can reach far by including the work of the community and allowing their integration to the development of the project. Then we still apply 5% direct referral commission when referring users to buy tokens directly on FTX Fund DAPP.

How to stake your FTX Fund tokens?

Follow these simple step guide to stake your FTX Fund tokens.

1. Go to https://app.ftxfund.com/user/dashboard using your MetaMask wallet DAPP

2. Make sure to turn on BSC network( activate it on the top right network section and select BSC). Check here to see how to connect BSC network to MetaMask wallet

3. Connect the wallet

4. Input your desired FTX Fund tokens amount you want to stake

5. Approve the staking

6. Confirm the staking (require network fee to broadcast your staking)

You’re done!


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