FTX Fund’s security Audit, certified by Haechi

FTX Fund
2 min readJun 28, 2021

We are glad to announce to our community that we have finished our process of Audit with Haechi. As we are a top notch blockchain fund, aimed at global financial activities, our developing team wants to make sure that our services meet the highest standards. Thanks to Haechi, FTX Fund has achieved to reach a top strength certification of the Smart Contract.

Top Cryptocurrency projects and exchanges have trusted HAECHI AUDIT’s security audit reports, And usually after passing HAECHI AUDIT smart contract security audit, It’s easy to see Projects getting successfully listed on top exchanges such as Huobi, OKEX, Bithumb, Gate etc..


Haechi is the world’s most trusted Smart Contract Audit Firm. The company provides first-rate audit reports, well above the industry average, and have endorsements from global cryptocurrency exchanges and Fortune 500 companies. It’s the only blockchain technology company selected for the Samsung Electronics Startup Incubation Program in recognition of our expertise. They also received technology grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Community Fund.

Heachi audit is a flagship service of HAECHI LABS, the leader of the global blockchain industry. HAECHI AUDIT provides specialized and professional smart contract security auditing and development services.

The Audit report

The report from Heachi aimed to audit the security of FTXFUND smart contract created by FTXFUND team. HAECHI AUDIT conducted the audit focusing on whether the smart contract created by FTXFUND team is soundly implemented and designed as specified in the published materials as well as whether the smart contract is secure in terms of security. HAECHI AUDIT found 0 critical issues.

The codes used in this Audit can be found at Github :


The last commit of the code used in this Audit is “7a381801e1bd09b20d273a2688b732b9d4910379”.



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