FTX Fund
2 min readMar 8, 2021


FTXFund is an all-in-one global cryptocurrency exchange that supports digital token trading. The platform is the brain child of one Daniel Pearl, a Blockchain Specialist with twenty-six years of solid operational experience working in the financial sector. Together with a team of independent experts in algorithmic and manual asset management methods, he sets out to found a platform that is more than just about trading, but about building a community.

Understanding FTXFund

FTXFund was initially designed based on the BEP 20 protocol, which is an Ethereum standard. Therefore, it is basically an offshoot of the Ethereum network, as the source code was based on the Ethereum platform. This incredible open-source protocol ensures high level of security, as well as the freedom to develop FTXFund in whatever direction its community needs it to go. After all, the end goal for the entire platform is to create the most organic and comprehensive user experience. It’s all about the traders in the community.

FTXFund is an ecosystem that packs a decentralized exchange with a number of great features such as AI Trading, E-Commerce, Payment Solutions, and a Business Social Network.

To make things even simpler, the whole ecosystem is connected and run using a special currency, the FTXF token. The total supply of the token is 100.000.000, and its value is ensured through scarcity and distribution.

The Power of the FTXF Token

The FTXF token is not only a currency for wealth, but also a tool that connect users to a multitude of services. It can be used to buy and sell goods on twenty different exchanges worldwide and as payments in the business social network. Users can experience instant trading using the FTXFund ATMs, as the platform integrates smart magnetic card technology in payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard, and Unipay to make FTXF payments into fiat money in over 180 countries.

Most exciting of all, the FTXFund team plans to make this token a travel companion as well. FTXF can be used as payments for around 1.5 trillion hotel systems and ticket booking of 400 different airlines around the world.