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2 min readSep 2, 2021


The Onstora platform is one of FTX Fund’s symbiotic ecosystems. Managed by SEC Pte established in Singapore, a member company of CMC Holdings INC group in the US.

This is a reverse auction e-commerce platform, combined with the advantages of a new generation blockchain platform to conduct online auctions.

Currently the beta version is starting to test, get user feedback. The feature of this platform allows users to use the FTXF cryptocurrency for successful price execution. In addition, users with qualified products can deposit for continuous online auctions.

Onstora will continuously upgrade to more modern and practical versions to meet the global demand for quality and affordable auctions.

ONSTORA GRAND OPENING — Airdrop program Price Pool 6666BUSD + $60,000 auction rewards: 30 Iphones + 20 Ipads + 10 Macbooks

On the occasion of Grand opening, we offer special rewards to users who register at Onstora website

⏰Time: 09/01/2021–09/15/2021

Price details are as follows:

1.Compulsory tasks:

1.1.Create account on and fill in Code sent to your email (Email can be in Spam folder), then confirm your telephone number: Reward 5 BIDS

1.2.At least 1 referral (Referral must verify telephone number): Reward 5 BIDS

2.Referral Contest — Total 6000 BUSD prizes

Join our contest to get more rewards:

2.1.Top Referral contest total prize 1666 BUSD

Top 1: 666 BUSD

Top 2: 300 BUSD

Top 3: 200 BUSD

Top 4: 150 BUSD

Top 5: 100 BUSD

Top 6–10: 50 BUSD

2.2.Invite your friends & seize the chance to share 5000 BUSD budget.

When the event finishes, we will complete a lucky draw and pick 500 lucky winners of 10 BUSD/each. The more tickets you have, the more chances to win.

JOIN NOW, many prizes waiting for you!

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